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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation can help employers and employees deal with any type of workplace grievance, regardless of how far an issue has reached.

Our independent Mediator will work with all parties involved to reach a mutually beneficial and agreed outcome.

We won’t recommend specific courses of action. We will simply facilitate a positive and professional discussion throughout the entire process.

The Mediation process ensures the same issues do not re-surface in the future, whilst at the same time resolving the current situation.

Stages of Mediation

Contact us, or we will reach out to you in the case of a referral.
Planning. Together we will decide the most appropriate venue for the mediation to take place. Either workplace, neutral venue, or online.
Mediation day. In the morning we will meet with all parties concerned individually and obtain their side of the story or perspective on the issues, together with any desired outcomes.
In the afternoon we will facilitate a joint discussion involving all parties with the goal to reach a successful resolution.

Follow-ups. In all cases, we will follow up on your case after an initial 6 weeks and 12 weeks respectively.


Mediation builds trust and makes employees feel valued. The likelihood of losing talented employees is reduced. Improvement in performance. Enhances company reputation

By using an accredited independent mediator, the employer versus employee conflict is removed. What remains is all parties involved have a productive discussion guided by a trained professional.

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