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Agreement To Mediation Form

You have chosen to come to mediation because you want to try to solve a problem or resolve a dispute. As a Mediator I will help by providing an impartial service designed to help you reach your own decisions. All the choices and decisions as participants are yours.

All meetings are conducted in the strictest of confidence.

Subject to the consent of all parties you may have your Attorney or someone else attend the mediation. PMC345 offer in person Mediation and by internet video as agreed by all.

In the event of webcam mediation parties must respect confidentiality and agree to not have any third parties present in the room with you when mediation is taking place. No recording of either video or audio of any mediation will be permitted.

The mediation process can be ended at any time by either party. Likewise, if I feel that it is inappropriate to continue with the mediation, I will bring it to an end.

Neither The Mediator, PMC345 Consultancy nor any assisting neutral professional shall be liable to any participant for any act or omission in connection with a mediation conducted under this agreement.

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