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Workplace Investigations Training

Workplace investigations are now a regular occurrence. They happen usually when there is a complaint of misconduct leveled at a member of staff. This can include instances of harassment, sexual harassment, security breaches, and workplace substance abuse.

Why is there a need to investigate?

The action taken by any organization will reflect on them and reinforce to the employee that they are being taken seriously.

Benefits of training and development:

Choosing an investigator. Is there a need for an external investigator to eliminate any perceived bias? Is the gender of the investigator significant? Are any specific skill sets required for the investigation?

  • Investigation planning. Scope and terms of reference for the investigation
  • Gathering and recording information and evidence.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Concluding investigation report.
  • The key element to any investigation is that it was comprehensive, fair, and completed in a timely manner.

Often organizations allocate the task of carrying out investigations to managers or supervisors who are untrained in this aspect of their job. The Impact this can have on those involved in any investigation including those tasked with carrying it out can be significant and ultimately damage the reputation of the organization concerned.

With over 40yrs of investigative experience both in the UK and Cayman Islands dealing with the most serious and complex investigation issues let PMC345 Consultancy provide the expert training your managers and supervisors need to carry out this vital and sensitive function. The benefits of having the confidence and knowledge to carry out competent and thorough investigations will only enhance the reputation of your organization in the future.

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