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Wills & Probate In The Cayman Islands

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We have all said that at some point in our lives, we must get around to doing our will.
PMC345 Consultancy associates can assist you in drafting your will and advise you regarding the process of obtaining a grant of representation.

What is a will?

A will is a document of wishes. These wishes direct how a person (also known in this context as a “testator”) wants their assets to be dealt with on their death, and it empowers the persons chosen by the testator (known as executors) to administer the testator’s estate after their death so as to give effect to those wishes.

If a person owns Cayman Islands assets in their name, whether real estate, shares in a Cayman Islands company or money in a Cayman bank account, then the preparation of a Cayman Islands will is likely to be in their best interests.

A will carries certain statutory requirements that make the validity of the will unquestionable.
Reach out to PMC345 Consultancy to find out exactly how we can help you with drafting your will and give you peace of mind.

What is a Grant of Probate?

Where a person has a will and that person dies, the executor has the authority to make an application to the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands for a grant of probate. This seemingly straightforward process can be stressful for an executor who may be a family member who is grieving the loss of a loved one and at the same time has to deal with the probate process.

PMC345 Consultancy is here to take away that anxiety from you and advise you on the process so as to make the application to the Grand Court that much easier.

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What if I do not have a will? What will happen to my estate when I die?

If you do not have a will at the time of your death, then your loved ones can make an application to the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands for the grant of a Letters of Administration.

Letters of Administration, what are they?

Where a person dies without leaving a will, PMC345 Consultancy can guide you through the procedure of how to obtain a grant of Letters of Administration. This procedure varies from that of a grant of probate. Letters of Administration is governed by the Succession Act of the Cayman Islands and will direct exactly who is authorised to make such an application. This can be frustrating for loved ones.

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