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Who is entitled to a grant?

Who is entitled to a grant?

The Rules that govern the administration of estates in the Cayman Islands are the Probate and Administration Rules.

  • If there is a will with named executors, they are the first persons entitled to a grant.
  • If there are no executors, the next person(s) entitled to a grant is any person named in the will to whom the deceased leaves all his estate (or the remainder after the gifts have been paid).
  • If the deceased has not made a valid will, then the application for a grant should be made by his or her next of kin in the following order of priority:
    • Husband or Wife
    • Sons or daughters
    • Parents
    • Brothers or Sisters of the whole blood (the deceased’s brothers or sisters)
    • If there are no brothers or sisters of the whole blood then brothers and sisters of the half blood.
    • More distant relatives

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